Stay Well This Flu Season

posted on: November 5, 2018    |    by: Matthew McGarvey

It’s that time of year.


However, it does not have to be.  Oftentimes in the latter part of the year, due to the stress and busyness of the holiday season, we lose out on “self-care.”  We stop doing the things that kept us healthier in the first place.  

Immune boosters like Emergen-C and wellness shots from juicers make us think we are doing the right things, but if you are running on less than six hours of sleep, forcing intense workouts, living off of caffeine, binging on alcohol and holidays treats, and not spending any time outside obtaining some sun exposure, then save your money.

There is no one key prevention mechanism.  The lifestyle habits that you should be practicing and continually refining throughout the year will serve you the same during this time of year  The following are the basics that will keep your immune system dialed-in:

  • Sleep seven to nine hours per night in a cool, dark, quiet room.
  • Find mechanisms for addressing stressful situations.
  • Maintain your exercise regimen and physical activity level.
  • Eat a lower carbohydrate “paleo” style diet, aka eat real, whole foods.
  • Get 10-20 minutes of sun exposure daily, especially in the mornings.


The basics will not only get you healthy but will also keep you healthy.  



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