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Boutique urgent care in Huntington Beach, California! If you’re feeling under the weather from a minor illness or injury, drop by for a walk-in visit or make an appointment online.

PLEASE NOTE: Our cash prices are 30% to 50% lower than most urgent care offices!  Office visit cash prices for the injuries and illnesses below are $89 plus laboratory test costs (if required).

Service Info Price
Upper respiratory infection Symptoms & Treatment $89
Chest cold (bronchitis) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Sinus infection (sinusitis) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Flu (influenza) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Mono (mononucleosis) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Scarlet fever Symptoms & Treatment $89
Strep throat Symptoms & Treatment $89
Wart Removal 1 to 4 sessions included, based on need $109
Urinary tract infection (UTI) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Yeast infection and thrush Symptoms & Treatment $89
Ear infection (otitis media) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Diarrhea (stomach flu or other) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Pink eye (conjunctivitis) Symptoms & Treatment $89
Ear wax impaction Symptoms & Treatment $79 to $119
Sprains & strains Symptoms & Treatment $89
Soft tissue injuries $89 to $119
Rashes $89
Fatigue screening (including labs) Service detail $197
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (incl. labs) $265
And more
Sometimes medical services require multiple procedures, drugs, vaccines, laboratory tests, and/or medical supplies that are not indicated on a single line item.  Before we provide you with a healthcare service, we will always do our best to let you know in advance of any additional charges that may be billed for your specific test, evaluation or diagnosed condition.
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