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Quick, Affordable Labs to Put Your Wallet at Ease

The highest-quality care shouldn’t come with the highest price tag. And standard lab pricing can really add up quickly.
That’s why we offer affordable labs at discount prices in all WellNow centers. You don’t need to go anywhere else and
you know you’re getting great value on a comprehensive range of blood and urine tests.

Service Price
TB test—2 visits (test and reading) $45
Cholesterol test $39
Urinalysis $24
Pregnancy test $24
Blood sugar test $24
A1C $29
Mononucleosis $29
Quick strep test $29
Flu test (A+B) $34
Urine (drug screening) $59
Call for cash pricing on hundreds of other tests!
Sometimes medical services require multiple procedures, drugs, vaccines and/or medical supplies that are not indicated on a single line item.  Before we provide you with a healthcare service, we will always do our best to let you know in advance of any additional charges that may be billed for your specific test, evaluation or diagnosed condition.
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