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We offer a wide range of wellness services and preventive care for the entire family, 7 days a week.

Come to WellNow for 90% of the medical issues that a primary care physician, urgent care or ER would normally handle.
We’ll take care of you faster and at a significantly lower cost than most other providers!

Come to WellNow if:

  • You have a minor illness or injury for which you need urgent care services
  • You need travel vaccinations, a women or men's health check, or a B12 shot
  • You need a Tb test, pre-employment drug screening, or other lab tests
  • You need a sports, camp, annual or pre-employment physical
  • You are interested in an IV infusion to ensure you feel your absolute best

Dial 911, go to Urgent Care or the ER if:

  • You believe you need an x-ray or a cast for a potential fracture
  • You have severe shortness of breath
  • You may be having a stroke, a heart attack or are having severe chest pain
  • You have a temperature of 103+ degrees
  • You may need a prescription for a narcotic (we don’t prescribe those types of drugs)
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