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About Scarlet Fever
Scarlet fever, also known as scarlatina, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that begins with a fever and sore throat and continues through the spreading of its characteristic red rash over the body. Typically, the rash begins with small flat blotches that gradually become fine bumps. The rash fades in about 7 days and as it fades, the skin may peel around the fingertips, toes, and groin.

• red rash that feels rough, like sandpaper
• sore throat
• pain when swallowing
• fever
• red or swollen tonsils
• tiny red spots on the roof of the mouth
• strawberry tongue
• swollen lymph nodes
• headache
• stomach pain
• nausea
• vomiting

Cough, runny nose, hoarseness, and pink eye are not scarlet fever symptoms and their presence suggests that your infection may be viral instead of bacterial.

Scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics. A WellNow professional can quickly determine whether your sore throat is due to viral or bacterial infection and thus whether antibiotics are appropriate. Antibiotics may shorten how long you are sick, prevent the disease spreading to others, and mitigate complications like rheumatic fever. WellNow can dispense your antibiotics onsite, avoiding hassles and accelerating your recovery time!

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