Insomnia Remedies – No One Size Fits All

posted on: June 17, 2016    |    by: Nina Tarnay

We all know how it feels after a poor night’s sleep.  It’s a natural reaction then to try and figure out how to avoid their occurrence.  Healthcare professionals and armchair bloggers alike offer environmental suggestions such as minimizing bedroom light, turning off electronic devices, having a clean and comfortable bed, and so on.  Others recommend personal habits such as creating a nighttime routine, mediating, getting regular daytime exercise, and avoiding certain foods in the evening.  Still others offer suggestions regarding supplement and pharmaceutical remedies such as melatonin, valerian, Ambien, and Lunesta®.

The challenge sleep sufferers encounter, however, is that insomnia can have many root factors.  People have different circadian rhythms, they have different food and alcohol sensitivities, and they manage stress differently.  Further, people are not the same day to day due to travel schedules, ebbing and flowing stress, and diet variation so what might help with sleep one week may not help the next.

While some of the remedies mentioned above still represent good sleep habits, there have been some recent developments worth noting.  One less well known insomnia remedy turns out to be trying to stay awake.  In a University of Glasgow study[1], insomniacs were evaluated to see whether eliminating the anxiety surrounding sleep by trying to stay awake in turn helped sleep quality itself.  This turned out to be the case.

Another exciting advancement happening right now coincides with the recent developments in wearable and app-based technology.  Sleep technologies such as those from Shut-I and Awarables are putting more data in the hands of insomniacs by providing easy ways to track and analyze sleep quantity and quality.  Future developments from groups like these will allow even better sleep tools that will in turn drive better sleep and happier, more fulfilling lives.  Stay tuned.


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