Caring Above the Law

posted on: June 5, 2018    |    by: Julia Beam

Healthcare Professionals Care

Healthcare professionals do more than what is required of them legally for many different reasons. From the perspective of a healthcare organization, any good work will have some kind of reward, whether it be monetary or maintaining a good reputation. A perfect example of this is when nurses do more than what is required of them for the care of their patients.

Nurses can make their rounds and fulfilling the requirements of their job; or they can do all of that and also talk with the patients, smile at them, make them comfortable and engage in friendly communication with their friends, family and other visitors. It is the little extra that can make a huge impact on a patient’s healthcare experience. Immanuel Kant wrote that “it is easy to tell whether an action that is in accord with duty is done from duty or rather for some selfish purpose” (2010-2015, p. 8). People are receptive to this as well. If a person feels that it is their duty to go above and beyond for the sake of lifting spirits in their work environment, people will know that they are sincere.


Opposing Views

Although people are inclined to go above and beyond their required duties in their profession, there are always going to be opposing views about what is good and what is wrong. Thomas Aquinas wrote that “there is in every man a natural inclination to act according to reason: and this is to act according to virtue” (1920, p. 2). In other words, people know what is right and what is wrong at their core and even though people disagree and there are always extremists, people are still desiring to do what is good.


Above And Beyond

One way that healthcare professionals can be true to their vocation of healing is paying special attention to the whole person and not just the symptoms of illness. WellNow is one such clinic that seeks to bring preventive care to patients and guide them in their journey to better health through nutrition consultations, smoking cessation, wellness screenings and more. This is a good example about how going above and beyond the immediate needs of a patient can impact their overall healthcare experience and ultimately improve their quality of life and how they feel about themselves.

Most importantly, healthcare professionals should want to go above and beyond the law because they care for the patients they serve. A person would not be living their vocation in their profession if they didn’t do more than what is asked of them when the motivation is to help others. Although there are many motivators, helping patients achieve their best health is the best reward of all.

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