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September 25, 2018   //   by Julia Beam

Telemedicine: The Future of Healthcare

With medical costs on the rise, policy makers are pressured to produce new, innovative ways of improving access to quality care at... Read More ›

September 21, 2018   //   by Julia Beam

Healthcare Cost vs. Health Outcomes

The American healthcare paradox is based on the idea that increased spending on healthcare does not result in better health outcomes. The United... Read More ›

June 5, 2018   //   by Julia Beam

Caring Above the Law

Healthcare Professionals Care Healthcare professionals do more than what is required of them legally for many different reasons. From the perspective of... Read More ›

April 17, 2018   //   by Tyler Shalvarjian

Most Common Beach Urgent Care Injuries

Beach Urgent Care Injuries Summer is rolling around and you know what that means. Time to hit the beach! But you know... Read More ›

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