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March 1, 2017   //   by Adam Reith

How Should You Find a Doctor When You Move?

Moving can be one of the most stressful situations you will encounter in your lifetime, right up there with the death of... Read More ›

November 28, 2016   //   by Adam Reith

Competition Not Always Competitive In Big Pharma

More competition leads to better products and lower prices for customers, right?   Not always.  As it turns out, this common axiom isn’t... Read More ›

October 9, 2016   //   by Adam Reith

Pharmacies Win When You Wait In Line

Did you ever think about all the time you spend waiting to get your prescription filled at CVS, Walgreens, or local pharmacy? ... Read More ›

September 25, 2016   //   by Adam Reith

Better, Faster, Cheaper Healthcare in the HDHP World

This is today’s healthcare reality – costs have soared and US employers have concluded that High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) are the... Read More ›

August 11, 2016   //   by John Kibler

Aligning With The Macro Trends In Healthcare

As you probably know by now, WellNow provides convenient and affordable healthcare services to the Huntington Beach community while working to expand... Read More ›

July 25, 2016   //   by Adam Reith

Boost Your Food Label Knowledge To Eat Smarter

Most people know food labeling extremes: refined sugar and processed foods (BAD) and whole grains and leafy vegetables (GOOD).  We also know... Read More ›

July 15, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Walk-In Clinic – What’s in a Name?

Walk-in clinic.  Immediate care center.  Retail clinic.  Convenient care clinic.  Urgent care center.  Are these terms the same?  If not, how are... Read More ›

July 12, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Will Heart Disease, Cancer, and Dementia Disappear?

Heart disease deaths down 60% since 1970[1].   Cancer occurrences off 23% since 1991[2].    Dementia rates falling 45% since the late 1970s[3].  What’s... Read More ›

July 26, 2015   //   by Nina Tarnay

How We Deliver Affordable Healthcare

With Obamacare in place, you might expect affordable healthcare across the country, but price is still an issue for many. High-deductible insurance... Read More ›

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