Most Common Beach Urgent Care Injuries

posted on: April 17, 2018    |    by: Tyler Shalvarjian

Beach Urgent Care Injuries

Summer is rolling around and you know what that means. Time to hit the beach! But you know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And it turns out a lot of people get hurt at the beach.

Common Huntington Beach Injuries Include:

  • Sunburns from too much sun exposure
  • Sprains and strains caused on shorebreak impact
  • Bacterial infections from poor water quality
  • Injuries from stepping on marine debris
  • Animal bites and stings from Jelly Fish or Sharks
  • Alcohol consumption


Beach Urgent Care

Fortunately, there exist resources for your common beach injuries. For some injuries, you will want to contact emergency services like your closest lifeguard or hospital. These injuries include Jelly Fish stings or Shark bites, and alcohol poisoning. But for other injuries and ailments, like sunburns, sprains & strains, bacterial infections, marine debris injuries, and some hangovers, you can contact your Huntington Beach Urgent Care center, WellNow.


Urgent Care Injuries WellNow Handles:


Too much sun exposure without the regular use of sunscreen will cause a visible burn. It can take up to 24 hours before it is fully visible. In many cases, a sunburn can be treated with moisturizing lotion or aloe vera, but severe sunburns can be accompanied by a headache, chills or a fever. If you have a sever sunburn, see your nearest healthcare professional immediately.

Sprains & Strains

Playing in shorebreak are common instances for sprains and strains. Shorebreak forms when there is a rapid transition from deep to shallow water and is dangerous and unpredictable. Injuries to extremities and the spine are common when playing in shorebreak.

Bacterial Infections

Often, the coastal waters of Huntington Beach, CA will be contaminated by sewage from boats, pets and roads. High levels of bacteria found here can cause gastrointestinal illnesses when consumed. Pay careful attention to beach closures and advisories, but if you find yourself with gastrointestinal illness caused by a bacterial infection, your local convenient care center can help you.


Widespread pollution is a common problem our oceans and waterways face. Debris and litter that ends up in the ocean often reaches the shore. Tread carefully on the beach shoreline, and if you do have a minor injury caused by marine debris, WellNow has walk-in appointments available daily.

Alcohol Consumption

As summer rolls around, drinking increases at the beach. Nobody likes a bad hangover, especially with a day of work the next day. That’s why we’ve introduced IV Infusion Therapy. Our Hangover Remedy will have you feeling good as new in no time! Available at your local WellNow Huntington Beach urgent care by appointment only.


Whether you’re on a beach vacation from out of town or a Huntington Beach local, WellNow is here for all your beach urgent care needs. We’re available for walk-in visits or appointments. Come on by and we’ll make you feel well again.

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