Yeast infection (candidiasis)

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About Yeast Infection
Yeast infections (candidiasis) are fungal infections that affect the skin, genitals, throat, mouth, and blood. They are caused by a yeast commonly found in modest amounts in or on the human body that can significantly grow in some individuals with health problems or when certain medications are being taken.

Infections of the throat and mouth (called “thrush”) are not common in adults and are mostly seen in infants, the elderly, the immunocompromised, the diabetic, or those on antibiotics, chemotherapy, or using asthma inhalers. Some diaper rashes are caused by yeast infections, but not all.

Mouth / throat (“thrush”)
• white spots inside mouth and on tongue
• redness and discomfort in the mouth area
• sore throat / difficulty swallowing
• cracking at corners of mouth

• extreme itching and soreness/redness in the vaginal area
• white, clumpy vaginal discharge
• itching/burning and red rash on the penis
• painful intercourse

Diaper rash
• dark red patches of skin in the diaper area, especially in the skin folds near the thighs
• yellow, fluid filled spots that can break open and become flaky

It is important to see a medical professional such as those at WellNow if you have thrush. Treatment may include an antifungal medicine in mouthwash or pill form.

Genital yeast infections can be treated with several medications including creams and suppositories. Occasionally, your medical professional may recommend an oral antifungal medication such as Diflucan.

Medical professionals should be consulted if your baby has a diaper rash that gets worse or concerns you. It is important to understand the cause and treat the rash appropriately. Do not use over the counter yeast treatments on your infant without first consulting with a medical professional.

WellNow’s friendly staff can diagnose your infection and usually dispense your medications onsite, avoiding hassles at the pharmacy and accelerating recovery time!

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