Sinus infection (sinusitis)

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About Sinus Infection
Sinus infections occur when fluid is trapped in the sinuses, allowing germs to grow. These infections are usually caused by viruses not bacteria, so are not typically treated with antibiotics.

• headache
• runny or stuffy nose
• congestion
• loss of smell
• facial pain or pressure
• nasal drip (mucus drips down throat)
• sore throat
• fever
• cough
• fatigue
• bad breath

Sinusitis is typically treated with rest and fluids although a WellNow visit may help you manage symptoms and address any complicating factors. Concerning symptoms include temperatures higher than 100.4 degrees, worsening symptoms, symptoms lasting longer than 10 days, multiple sinus infections in a single year, and symptoms not resolvable with over the counter medication. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it is important to be seen by a medical professional.

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