Travel Medicine: Relax and Enjoy Your Adventure!

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Global travel can open your mind to new adventures. Don’t let disease concerns hold you back - rely upon our travel medicine experts to keep you safe and well.

Hepatitis A and B.  Typhoid.  Yellow fever.  Malaria.  Meningitis.  Polio.  Tetanus*.  Diphtheria*.  You’ve heard these names but do you know your real infection risks?  We do.  We know which vaccines are required and which are recommended for countries from Albania and Brazil to Vietnam and Zimbabwe.  We’re experts at travel medicine and take this responsibility seriously. So focus on your trip, knowing you’ve taken all the right precautions.

Our travel medicine service begins with a call to our WellNow Center during which we will discuss your travel plans and medical history, including active vaccinations, current medications, allergies, and overall health.  We will then design and present a travel vaccine and medicine plan customized just for you, clearly communicating all potential costs so there are no surprises.

We guarantee that all of our vaccines are priced lower than anywhere else in Huntington Beach


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Note that some vaccines are not kept in inventory so please call to confirm availability.


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