Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

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About Pink Eye
Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is characterized by redness and swelling of the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. Most cases of pink eye are caused by viral or bacterial infections although the illness can also be caused by dry eyes, chemicals/fumes/smoke, and allergies. Pink eye is very contagious and poor hand-washing is the typical culprit for disease spreading.

• redness in the white of the eye
• swelling of the eyelids
• itching or burning feeling of the eyelids
• swollen and tender areas in front of the ears
• a lot of tearing
• clear or slightly thick, whitish drainage from the eye

Pinkeye treatment depends upon the root cause of the illness. Some viral infections can be treated with antiviral medications but many resolve themselves with home remedies. Bacterial infections are more serious and are usually treated with antibiotics, which may reduce recovery times and mitigate disease spreading. In either case, complicating factors such as having an impaired immune system, vision in only one eye, or wearing contact lenses, underscore the need for quick medical evaluation. A WellNow professional can quickly evaluate your case and discuss the various treatment options, dispensing both over the counter medications and antibiotics as appropriate.

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