Mononucleosis (mono)

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About Mono
Often called the “kissing disease,” mononucleosis (mono) is usually caused by infection with the Epstein-Barr virus although other viruses can also cause the disease. Symptoms typically appear four to six weeks after viral infection.

• extreme fatigue
• fever
• sore throat
• head and body aches
• rash
• swollen glands
• swollen spleen and/or liver

Mono is typically treated with rest and fluids although a WellNow visit may help you manage symptoms and address any complicating factors. Concerning symptoms that warrant a visit with a health professional include severe pain in the upper left part of your abdomen, tonsils so swollen that it is difficult to breathe or swallow, or if your severe sore throat has not resolved in 2-3 days. Additionally, contact WellNow if you have a lack of energy, body aches, and/or swollen glands (lymph nodes) for more than 7 days.

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