Better, Faster, Cheaper Healthcare in the HDHP World

posted on: September 25, 2016    |    by: Adam Reith

This is today’s healthcare reality – costs have soared and US employers have concluded that High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) are the solution.  Some sobering statistics:

  • US healthcare spending as a proportion of GDP has increased from 13% in 2000 to 17% in 2015 (it was 5% in 1960) [1]
  • Annual family insurance premiums have gone up from $6K in 2000 to over $18K today[2]
  • 63% of employers now offer a HDHP with a median family deductible of $4K[3]
  • From 2010-2015, deductibles increased 67% while wages went up just 10%[4]

This reality pains employers and employees alike.  Employers want high quality, convenient healthcare to secure fewer missed work days, higher productivity, and happier employees.  But they can’t pass on all the cost increases to their staff.  So what to do?

Some employers are considering WellNow.   A new concept in retail healthcare, WellNow offers a broad array of healthcare services in an accessible retail environment.  Open 7 days a week with extended evening hours, WellNow accepts most PPO insurance and Medicare.  More importantly, WellNow also offers low cash prices that soften the blow of out-of-pocket payments (typically 30% less than urgent care and 50-80% less than the emergency room).

Some of our service offerings include:

So how do employers work with WellNow?  Some have chosen to introduce WellNow to their employees as part of new hire packages.  Others have engaged with WellNow for pre-employment screening programs.  Still others have partnered for after-hours care or pre-op services.  Whatever employers’ needs, WellNow wants to explore the options and improve healthcare for all!





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