Aligning With The Macro Trends In Healthcare

posted on: August 11, 2016    |    by: John Kibler

As you probably know by now, WellNow provides convenient and affordable healthcare services to the Huntington Beach community while working to expand throughout Southern California.  When thinking about WellNow, two logical questions might be posed by our erudite blog readership – why are we doing this and why are we doing it now?

In brief, we founded WellNow because we believe community-based retail healthcare can dramatically improve lives and wellbeing.  We also did it because we saw the potential to create a great business that aligns with three significant macro trends going on in healthcare.

First, customers are learning that healthcare is a service like any other and therefore want the same level of convenience, quality, and price transparency that they get when purchasing other products and services.

Second, customers are increasingly joining high deductible insurance plans, which forces them to spend their own money to get the care that used to be paid for behind the scenes by their insurance companies.

Third, payers and employers alike are discovering the importance of holistic wellcare in reducing overall healthcare spending, as evidenced by employers’ rank of wellness programs as their #1 area of investment and #1 area of strategy[1].

Together, these macro trends provide WellNow with a window of opportunity and we’ve assembled the team to capitalize.  Stay tuned!




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