Ear wax impaction

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About Ear Wax Impaction

Ear wax traps small foreign particles in the ear canal, keeping ears healthy and your hearing clear. Ear blockage due to wax build up (impaction) occurs when the wax is not cleared by the normal process of drying up then falling out but instead is pushed deep into the ear canal. Common impaction culprits are q-tips, hearing aids, and ear plugs.

• decreased hearing
• dizziness
• ear pain
• a “full” sensation in the ear
• ear ringing
• itching or ear drainage

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described above, it is important to be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure appropriate treatment; other, more serious illnesses are sometimes behind the symptoms. Of particular concerns are symptoms such as a severe spinning sensation, persistent vomiting, high fever, or sudden hearing loss. WellNow can evaluate your condition and if ear wax impaction turns out to be the culprit, the staff can remove the wax with a simple lavage or similar treatment. Don’t suffer in silence!

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