Diarrhea (stomach flu)

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About Diarrhea
When you have diarrhea (stomach flu), your stools are watery and loose. This illness is very common around the world; most Americans get it once or twice a year. It is usually caused by a virus infecting the digestive tract although it can also be caused by alcohol / drug abuse, allergies, bacterial infection, hyperthyroidism, radiation therapy, diabetes, or more serious intestinal diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

• watery, thin, or loose stools
• belly bloating
• stomach cramps
• an urgency to defecate
• nausea
• throwing up

More serious
• blood or mucus in stool
• weight loss
• fever (above 101F)
• dehydration
• nausea that prevents drinking sufficient liquids

Diarrhea can often be treated with over the counter medications and fluids. More serious cases, such as those with the symptoms mentioned above or if the diarrhea occurs after returning from a foreign country, should be evaluated by a medical professional such as those at WellNow. Our staff can evaluate your case and if appropriate, dispense over the counter or prescription diarrheal medications, avoiding hassles at the pharmacy and accelerating your recovery time!

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