Is Your Child’s Earache Actually More Painful at Night?

posted on: February 9, 2017    |    by: Adam Reith

Why does it seem kids’ illnesses worsen at the most inconvenient times? Most frustrating is when they strike at night or on the weekend when the doctor’s office is closed. But are these outbreaks really more common at night or is it random inconvenience? Well, we now know that some illnesses do in fact get worse at night.

Asthma and allergies. Cortisol, a natural human hormone, provides asthma protection but unfortunately, body levels of it drop at night. Further, at night histamine levels rise, which double down on allergy and asthma symptom aggravation.
• Croup. When lying down to sleep, blood flow to the respiratory tract drops, which in turn leads to worsening croup coughing.
Earaches. Earaches can deteriorate when your child lays down as fluid collects in the infected ear canal and pressure increases.
Fever. In general, body temperatures rise at night so that a slight daytime fever can turn into a more significant one at night.
• Itchy skin. Skin irritations aren’t necessarily more intense at night but your child will be more aware of them when they are lying still and free of distractions.
• Stuffy nose. Noses don’t drain properly in a reclined position, adding to your child’s nasal passage swelling and discomfort.
• Vomiting. Throwing up isn’t more common at night but tending to your child, cleaning up, changing sheets, etc… is definitely more uncomfortable and inconvenient to do while groggy.

While WellNow isn’t yet open late into the night, we are open 7 days a week for those inconvenient illness strikes. With our new telemedicine offering, we’ll soon be able to check in on your child while he or she is at home!

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