Off to College? Protect Yourself Against Meningococcal Disease

posted on: August 1, 2016    |    by: Adam Reith

Going away to college can be a grand adventure – expanding horizons, challenging brains, and parental separation.  It is also a time where diseases spread due to the less sanitary conditions and dense living.

Meningococcal disease is one of the major risks.  Infecting the brain and spinal cord (meningitis) or the blood (sepsis), the bacterial disease strikes 2,600 people every year in the United States with one in seven dying from it.  College students are particularly susceptible, as the disease is easily transmitted in dense living conditions and through saliva contact.  The disease is so concerning that many states including Arizona, Nevada, and Texas have mandated vaccination for all incoming college students. California does not mandate vaccination but does require colleges educate students about the risks.[1]

The good news is that meningococcal vaccination is easy.  Many doctors’ offices, including WellNow, provide the vaccine in a quick in-and-out procedure.  So get ready for the adventure and protect yourself today.



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