Blog Articles for June, 2016

June 29, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Whooping Cough Shot (Tdap)

If your soon-to-be 7th grader hasn’t had his or her whooping cough booster shot, call WellNow at 714.602.3500 to schedule a Tdap vaccination or... Read More ›

June 21, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Coffee & Cancer – A Broken Link?

  Back in 1991, an influential panel of cancer experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the drinking of coffee as... Read More ›

June 17, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Insomnia Remedies – No One Size Fits All

We all know how it feels after a poor night’s sleep.  It’s a natural reaction then to try and figure out how... Read More ›

June 15, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Counting Calories – A Losing Proposition

  You may remember hearing that the best way to lose those extra pounds was to reduce the number of calories you... Read More ›

June 8, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

High Cholesterol – Regular Screening Saves Lives

High cholesterol levels have been shown to cause coronary disease, stroke, and heart attacks.  Levels go up when people eat lots of... Read More ›

June 8, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Adventures Abroad – What You Need to Know about Travel Vaccinations

In many countries, vaccine preventable diseases that have been eliminated from North America may still be common. Without protection against these diseases,... Read More ›

June 8, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

STDs – Taking Care of your Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted diseases, or sexually transmitted infections (STD or STI), are a real risk for you and your partner if you are... Read More ›

June 7, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

A B-12 Shot can Boost Your Energy

If you’ve been reading health news lately, you’ve seen tons of information about the importance of a B-12 shot or adding B-12... Read More ›

June 7, 2016   //   by

Keeping Track of Your Urinary Tract

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are annoying, painful, and for women, all too common. So common, that experts often say that as many... Read More ›

June 7, 2016   //   by Nina Tarnay

Does Summer Have to Mean Swimmer’s Ear?

As the temperature rises and summer vacation begins, more and more families spend the day at the pool or beach. With children... Read More ›

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